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Bikes Located in Allentown, PA.:


1988 VMAX, ONLY 9K (one-owner) miles, SWEET in black, and runs GREAT!!! $4500.

1996 VMAX, 23K miles, carbon-fiber body, black wheels & exhaust, a VERY nice look!

(looks factory, but not quite) $5200

1999 VMAX, 3K miles, SWEET '92 crimson pearl paint, otherwise all stock- $6400.

1999 VMAX, 18K miles, 88-89 red body/black scoops, black wheels & exhaust,

(we have done a couple of these color combos, and they look SWEET!!!)


2000 VMAX, ONLY 5600 miles, BLACKED-OUT body, scoops, wheels and forks

(our personal FAVORITE; BLACK makes a MAX look MEAN!)


2001 VMAX, 12K miles, maroon w/silver scoops, forks and wheels

(makes for a very classic look in a late-model MAX)


1973 Yamaha TX650

THOUSANDS spent on a complete rebuild/facelift less than 500 miles ago

(More than 3K in paint and bodywork alone!!!)
Black & Chrome Illusion paint scheme is one of a kind, and VERY SHARP!!!

Street Tracker tail and clubman bars give it a vintage road-race look and feel.

Runs STRONG with a new X-Pipe exhaust, and stops traffic wherever I ride it!

This is one of the SWEETEST 650 ‘thumpers’ I have ever seen!!!
This bike is a Vintage class winner in any show!

$4500. FIRM

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2000 Kannon V8 w/Ford Motorsports 5.0, Edelbrock AL heads, Demon carb and ALOT of GO!!!

ONLY 4K miles!

This bike is featured on Kannon’s brochure, and cost over $35,000. new

A lower center of gravity means this bike feels & HANDLES better than U would expect

and the low, lean profile means it looks MUCH better than most V8 bikes…

AND it literally STOPS traffic like NO OTHER bike I have EVER OWNED!!!

(I have owned and ridden HUNDREDS in 30+ years of riding)

This flamed MONSTER is ready to rock your world, and shake up the status quo!!!



Located in Colorado:

1996 VMAX, yellow and black, 11K miles, clean, fast fun for

Want a diferent color than what you see here? Ask us we can "mix & match" from our large selection of wheels & body parts. All you pay is for our labor to change out the parts! E-mail us for more details

* For those concerned about rebuilt titles, please keep this in mind: We are 1st and foremost a VMAX used parts supplier. If a wrecked VMAX has anything but COSMETIC damage, and/or not a VERY EASY fix, they are worth more to us as parts, so they get taken apart...This means the rebuilt MAXs avail. here are just as good (sometimes better-I have seen VMAXs hit HARD that still had good titles, and were rebuilt with bent frames, front ends, etc...) as any other used VMAX. These rebuilt VMAXs, IMHO, are the best 'bang for the buck' - John.