Magnasport Supercharger

Holley 4 Barrel
MagnaSport superchargers from SportMax give you the POWER, the LOOK, the SOUND, and the FEEL, more than ANY OTHER mod you can do for your MAX!!! MORE POWER than a big-bore, at less than HALF the cost!!!... (and not counting the labor to remove/reinstall a motor in a MAX) ...and NOTHING on 2 wheels LOOKS and SOUNDS like a blown VMAX! This is truly the MAX mod for your 'hotrod', and will take your VMAX to another level!!! AND a 100,000 mile limited warranty means you can rest assured that your MagnaSport supercharger will still be making that BIG power for years to come!

Kit includes:
Polished supercharger
Polished intake manifold
Holley 390cfm 4-bbl. carburetor
Air cleaner w/polished top cover
Drive support Pulleys
* Belt Mounting hardware

*Standard ratio pulleys yield approx 4-6 lbs. of boost on a stock motor.
Custom ratio pulleys are avail. for up to 20 lbs.+ of boost, (for modified motors)!
Make your MAX a real MONSTER with a MagnaSport supercharger!!!

*** Further orders will be not be taken on MagnaSport superchargers, until we either hear something more from MagnaCharger about our current backorder, or we come up with an alternative source on our own. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to be offering a better product, with more manufacturer support and customer service as soon as possible, so please stay posted. ***
Magnasport Supercharger


Price, (complete w/carb, pulleys, and mounts).
$3,500+ shipping
US S&H (ground) = $50.00


We accept ONLY

1. US Postal Money Orders


2. PayPal (credit cards).

***Effective immediately, ALL other forms of payment
will not be accepted, and will be returned to sender.***

Expert installation/setup is avail. in both PA. and CO. SportMax locations. Below are some photos of MagnaSport super charger set ups.
(click on thumbnail fo full size photo)

Call or email for details, or to schedule an appointment

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